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HPC Cluster

We have a number of machines in a Cluster of Workstations arrangement. They are grouped by their intended workloads. All compute nodes have local storage as well as having access to a storage server.

The storage server has 10Gbe network connectivity, terabytes of space and runs ZFS for data integrity.

In order to keep up to date and for reliability older hardware is regularly replaced.

CPU workloads

For CPU compute intensive workloads we use 8th generation Intel core i7 processors with 6 cores/12 threads, Intel UHD graphics, 16GB of memory and 1TB of local SSD storage.

CPU/GPU workloads

For CPU and/or GPU compute roles we use AMD Ryzen processors with 8 cores/16 threads, Nvidia GTX1060 GPU’s, 32GB of memory and 2TB of local storage. Nvidia GPU’s are able to run CUDA or OpenCL apps.

Raspberry Pi

These are suitable for low power compute roles. They have ARM v8 processors with 4 cores, Videocore IV graphics, 1GB of memory and local storage is a 16GB SD card.


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